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The covers are designed to protect the aircraft from UV radiation, rain, wind and dust. The outer fabric of the covers absorbs this energy and therefore ages depending on the strength of the radiation, the movement and the duration of exposure. If materials such as truck tarpaulins were used, the service life would be almost unlimited, but unfortunately condensation forms under such covers, which cannot breathe, and this is very damaging to the paintwork. After our experience with test covers in the USA and on the aircraft of "professional glider pilots", we are convinced that Clouddancers covers are at least as durable as competitor products.

Of course, our products are regularly subject to the statutory two-year warranty. However, we are pilots ourselves and our goal is satisfied customers. So if there are any problems with the covers, we will try to find a solution!

Of course! If you want to convince yourself of the quality and fit first, we'll send you a set of covers. If you are satisfied, you simply pay the invoice. If not, simply send the covers back to us.

For precisely this reason we use an outer material that stands up well in the wind. Even in calm conditions, the structured cotton inner layer ensures sufficient air circulation and prevents condensation. Particularly good ventilation is achieved by the mesh fabric in the Uncutable™ option. We therefore recommend this option for particularly humid climates.

If they get dirty, our covers can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees with mild detergent without any problem. After washing, however, the covers must not be put in the dryer, but should simply be dried in the air.

It is essential that covers are stored in a dry place! As with all textiles, mould stains will otherwise quickly form due to biological activity. We recommend leaving the wet covers on the glider until shortly before take-off. By the time the thermals kick in the covers are usually dry. If not, it is advisable to store the covers loosely in the trailer until after the flight.


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