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How resistant to ageing are Clouddancers covers?

The primary reasons to use covers are protection of the glider from the elements, dust, wind, and harmful UV radiation. The outer layer of the covers absorbs this mechanical stress, and the UV radiation and will therefore age depending on the intensity of the radiation, the amount of mechanical stress, and the exposition time. Using materials such as HGV tarpaulin for the outer layer would make the covers last a livetime but as the top cover would be so heavy the covers would not provide air circulation and hence there would be condensation forming which will damage the gelcoat. Our experiences with covers tested in hot and high conditions in the US and on gliders of “professional” all year round glider pilots have assured us that our covers are at least as good as the covers of our competitors.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Sure we do offer 2 years warranty on our covers. We are pilots ourselves and our aim are satisfied customers – should there be any problems with your covers after this time we will try to find a solution for you!

Can I test a set of covers?

Sure! We will send you a set of covers for your aircraft – once you have convinced yourself of the fit and the quality you simply pay the bill or send the covers back.

Do your covers prevent condensation?

Yes they do. This is exactly why we have used a relatively light outer material for the outer layer of the covers. This material movers away from the surface even in light wind. Even when there is no wind the structured inner cotton layer and especially the mesh material used in our Uncutableā„¢Ā covers makes sure there is enough air circulation to prevent condensation. This option we highly recommend for aircraft, which are operated in places with a high humidity climate.

Our covers are dirty – how can we clean them?

Our covers can be cleaned in the washing maschine using a 30 degrees temperature programme. Do not tumble dry, but just let them dry on a clothesline.

Can we store the covers when they are not completely dry?

Absolutely not! As with all textiles which are stored wet microbial activity will soon start and will in turn produce mould stains! When the covers are still wet with dew in the morning we advise to keep them on the glider just before launch. If they are still not dry we store the loosely in the trailer until we put them on again in the evening.