All aboard: Pilot and document bag

Pilot bag

Together with FlightLVL we have designed a bag for pilots. This bag is designed to cover the everyday "need" of pilots, creating a central place. The bag is suitable for glider pilots, motorized flight pilots or pilots of other aerial sports. FlightLVL we have designed a bag for pilots. This bag is designed to cover the everyday "dust need" of pilots, creating a central place. The bag is suitable for both glider pilots , pilots of powered planes or pilots of other aerial segments .

Compact and still enough storage space


Whether it's a flight log, logbook, flight manual, approach sheets, a tablet (up to 11 inches) or the tried-and-tested ICAO chart: there's room for it all in the document pocket.

Two high-quality zippers allow the documents to be divided into a large main compartment and a smaller secondary compartment. There are six compartments in the main compartment, one of which in turn can be closed with a zipper. On the front of the bag is also another compartment separated by zipper.

To make even a heavily filled bag comfortable to carry to the plane, a sturdy webbing strap is attached to the outside of the bag.

Plenty of scope for individualization

Your style

The bag can be customized according to your taste. First, the exterior design can be selected. In addition, there is the possibility to choose between two interior colors.

Exterior color





Interior color




Standard Patch - Your Velcro Label

On the back of the bag is a Velcro strip on which patches can be attached. In the basic price the bag is delivered with a printed patch gliding or powered flight. The right area is free and allows you to attach names or registration numbers yourself by printing and ironing. 


Powered aircraft

For a small extra charge, we will gladly print your license plate or name to the right of the standard patch. 

Registration number

Logo and name

Premium Patch - embroidered

We also offer the production of premium patches. This type of patches then comes in embroidered design. It is omitted for the logo on the left side of the lettering "Clouddancers" , so that only the plane is shown. It is possible to choose a color.

Embroidered with registration number

Embroidered in your colors

In addition, it is also possible to create individual patches with other logos. The surcharge for this is basically dependent on the effort, such as whether a logo can already be supplied by the customer in digital form. 

Premium Puller

For the final touch, we offer delivery with aviation-style zipper pullers for a small additional charge.These are available for both powered flight and gliding in the colors blue and dark (gray/black). On one side is a cloud image and on the other side a glider or powered aircraft.


Premium-Puller dark

Premium-Puller blue




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