We design individually for gliders of all types.

The different Clouddancers cover options

We offer various cover systems for gliders of all types. From the complete cover in the various materials up to the standard canopy cover to the dust cover for the hangar.

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Complete protection for the entire aircraft

Complete cover

Our complete covers protect the entire aircraft. We have put a lot of emphasis on easy handling. Each cover consists of several parts to make it as easy as possible to put on the covers. We have also placed a lot of emphasis on variability. 

The wing covers are, with variable wing lengths, divided like the wings on the aircraft. This makes it easy to swap the wingspans. The complete covers as Dust- and hangar covers are perfect for protecting the aircraft from dust and dirt. The Allweather edition is suitable for outdoor use and offers the perfect outdoor protection when you want to leave your aircraft outside on holiday.

Our complete covers can be ordered with some Extras . These options are simplifying the handling, offering even more protection and make the covers unique.

We produce complete covers customised for

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Protection from scratches on the canopy and heat in the cockpit

Canopy cover

Clouddancers offers canopy covers in two different versions. On the one hand as Dust- and hangar covers, which is of course also perfect for the trailer. 

You can also order the premium version "Allweather" of the canopy cover. The Allweather edition is perfectly suited for traveling, on competitions in the grid, or generally parking outdoors overnight. The packing dimensions are so small that stowing it in the aircraft is completely unproblematic.

We produce canopy covers customised for

Have we already designed covers for your aircraft model?  Check here!

Canopy covers with access to the cockpit and other benefits

StaysOn - Our latest development in cockpit protection

Our new canopy covers combine many advantages in one: First of all, they are made of our all-weather fabric and are thus ideally suited for all purposes - whether indoors or outdoors. The StaysOn canopy covers are designed to remain on the canopy frame when the canopy is folded up, further providing ideal protection from radiation and dust. As they remain directly on the aircraft, there is also no danger of them becoming unnecessarily dirty. The hold on the canopy is made possible by two different variants: Modell Rögerhook has a small flap at the upper end in the middle of the cover, which is pulled over the Röger hook. The Version Sunshield (Pocket) holds the canopy cover in place with the sunshade pulled over the canopy frame. This sun protection is also ideal in another way: because when the sun is high and the angle of irradiation is appropriate, the sun protection prevents instruments or other parts of the cockpit from burning in. This is particularly advantageous before a longer wait for the start - for example at competitions. In addition, there is also a version with Röger hooks and sunshade.

The StaysOn cover is also available in our premium colour light grey - Platin Edition .

Weight and pack size of the StaysOn Cover are designed light and small so that the cover can be easily stowed in the luggage compartment behind the headrest.

Canopy Cover - Stays On
Modell Rögerhook
SunShield - Sun protection

StaysOn Haubenbezüge fertigen wir bisher für folgende Typen

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